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Hello all!

My name is Mark, I am a Freedom! Talend Recruiter.
I have noticed that alot of you don't have a Network Partner. And you guy's are missing out on so much cool stuff and knowledge. So let me tell you more about the network I use.

Right now, as you are reading this, there are literally thousands of YouTubers who are stuck in network contracts being preyed on by ‘networks’ that don’t do anything to help their partners grow. Time and time again networks undervalue and under appreciate their YouTube partners and only care about the top 5% of their partner base, leaving thousands of talented individuals in the dust and unable to benefit.

Our Vision
Freedom’s goal is to help ALL of our partners grow and become better YouTubers online. We specialize in channel growth technology, services that help partners create better content, additional revenue streams to help content creators earn more with their content, training and support.

Other YouTube networks specialize in creating content and provide services that only benefit the top 10% (or less) of their partner base. Freedom helps everyone grow, big and small and reinvests Network revenue directly into services and our partners themselves.

Freedom Perk List
As a Freedom partner, here is a list of some of the perks and services we offer. Remember, we at Freedom are constantly trying to find news ways to benefit our partner base and help them reach bigger audiences.

  • No Lock-In Agreements. You can join Freedom and leave Freedom without committing to a term.
  • Effective tools to maximize views and manage your channel from your Freedom Dashboard.
  • Earn a higher revenue share through community participation (Freedom Point System). (Up to 110% for 1 month!)
  • Audio Micro and Epidemic Sound

  • No minimum payouts. If you earn $1, you receive $1.
  • View your revenue in YouTube Analytics. Other networks hide this feature, we don't.
  • Freedom Partners gain access to our exclusive music library.
  • An active forum community to promote your channel, collaborate with partners, and to share your ideas for the network.
  • We keep partners in the loop with all YouTube news and updates.
  • Weekly video game and software giveaways.
  • A network that averages high CPMs.

  • A fast response support team to maximize the partner’s time.
  • Freedom! Channels to train our partners and provide content such as GFX, Gaming Reviews, Music, etc- (Can also upload to the channels…)
  • Partner Sponsorship opportunities open to small and large YouTubers. (GammaLabs, Gamdias, etc.)

  • Freedom referral program that earns partners and affiliates 15% network commission for recommending friends and viewers to the Freedom family!!

How do I sign up?
You can sign up trough my refferal link :

After you signed up under my ref link PM me so I can recheck and send you my contact details

If you use my ref. link you get me as your coach, I provide you with my personal Freedom! Skype details and Email, where you may contact me with any question. I help you set up your channel, give you advice on how to get better search results and make your video's found easier! The better your content the faster you will grow!

1 Year
You'll be under me for 1 whole year, I'll coach you on how to use youtube keywords and how to promote yourself to grow your audiance, I'll show you free to use Intro's and Outro's and help you getting a Spotlight (Shoutout) on the Freedom! channel.

Feel free to comment below with any question or shoot me a PM!




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Good luck finding people with talend.


Good luck finding people with talend.
Don't be so negativ, everybody has talend in their own way. There is no perfection, only what the viewers like to see mathers and even if your a channel creator you will always be a viewer because you watch others "talend" aswell :)


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My old channel was partnered with Freedom! They do promote you okay but the rev share and support are absolutely horrible


im with Freedom and its ok. been with them for almost 2 years on my other channel. I would say that i have never been promoted. I do enjoy the music/sounds perk with Position Music, epidemic sound and audio micro. I have never been able to use the sponsors since it appear that you have to have more than X subs or views to be able to use.

I did get several content id matching but i dont think Freedom helps with that at all.


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