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Sounds amazing bro. I wouldn't mind something to do with my slogan "#VIRGINARMY" where it has an Army of Geeky looking people/cartoons. Would be sick if you could? Could also do with ideas to spice up my Channel ??

Checked out your links, some really nice editing
Yeah, I'll probably start it up tomorrow and whatnot. Whenever I'm done, anywhere you want me to send it?


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wow yuor channel looks great as well as the graphics!


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Hey! I'm making a new youtube channel and I need some GFX. It's a secondary channel called TinkleArmy. If you can put 2 skins of the players called tinklepop560yt and SlayerzPlaysMC. And the rest you can come up with. And if you want to make me a background I just want some epic colors and it saying TinkleArmy. Again the rest you can come up with your self. (I don't have a good imagination so that's why I want to leave it up to you) If you need me my skype is Tinklepop560

JDawg Gaming

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Hi brah, i think it's real good of you to share your skill and experience of banner making with others :) Anyways, my channel (Here: ), is looking a bit dull, and i was wondering if you could give me a hand on a new banner creation? My name is JDawg Gaming, and i play games like Minecraft and Steam games like Don't Starve and Skyrim. My alliance is called the Dawg Guild, so get back to me whenever you can? O.k.? ;)

Thanks in advance!
Skype: xXJDawg2011Xx


If you're still doing them I'm in need of a banner please dude :)

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