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Hello all, I'm Nic (CEO of and this post is simply to introduce a new hosting company!
General info: offers cheap yet reliable web hosting to everyone! We offer a free trial for 7 days and our most expensive package is $8 a month! Our servers are extremely reliable and you are guaranteed 99.9% uptime.
For network owners:
For network owners, we offer a month's free hosting! You get the highest package ($8) for one month! In return for this, we ask for one thing:
  • Promotion.
We would like network owners to promote our company/services to their partners and anyone who visits the site. This could be something simple like a banner with our logo/url on.
For network partners:
We would like to offer network's the chance to offer their partners free website hosting for one month.
More info:
To learn more about these promotional offers, or to discuss business, contact:
Or visit our website:
Kind regards,


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