Experienced voice actor here


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Hi everyone, I've been voice acting professionally for about 3 years and am definitely down to help out on people's channels if they need it.

You can check out my featured video, which showcases my voice acting work:
I can also do trailer voices, narrations etc. Let me know!
Hot damn you did those voices great. I hope to get to your status one day. How long have you been voice acting in general because it seems like you've been doing it for a long time?

Thank you very much for that comment! Keep at it. I've been doing it for 3 years.
Do you just practice all a various amount of voices on your own or did you get professional advice as far as things to do with your voice? Like vocal training or anything?

Truthfully I don't do either. Haven't had vocal training nor do I practice. If I hear any voice a couple of times, I am able to mimic them.
That's actually really impressive. I envy your natural voice acting talent, haha.


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