Exclusive Media Network Ca Program


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Hello guys, my name is Jonathan and I run Exclusive Media Network, I just wanted to talk a little about out CA program and the requirements and how to join.

Becoming a CA otherwise known as "Content Aggregator" under Exclusive Media Network could benefit you the following:

- You will receive 5% of all your partners revenue each month.
- Networking training (if needed)
- Provide partners with 85% revenue share and 10 months contract (unless they are a big channel then we will place them on a custom)
- Become a known brand online
- Great support

The requirements to become a CA are the following:

- Must be 14 or older.
- Must have an understanding in how YouTube networks operate, and YouTube in general
- Must have a full understanding of copyright laws.
- Must have features that would make you stand out more than other networks.
- Must have a website (or domain name and we can work something out)
- A channel in good standing

If you have any questions, post them here or you could always add me on Skype: jonodonaldson or you could always email me at: jonathan@exclusivemedianetwork.co

You can always apply here: http://www.exclusivemedianetwork.co/apply/networkship/

Skype: jonodonaldson
Email: jonathan@exclusivemedianetwork.co