ETS 2 - Team Reinert Racing - Cologne to London - One Truck Family Event - Rene - ETS2 4k 60fps


A drive from Cologne in Germany to London in England passing through Belgium & France & taking the ferry from Calais over the channel to Dover along the way. Promoting the Team Reinert Racing - Rene Reinert before the new season of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship [] (FIA ETRC). Part of the One Truck Family Event taking place at the moment in ETS2.

Driving to London in a Mercedes Benz Actros.
Trailer pickup at 3:30min
Entering Belgium at 13:55min
Entering France at 24:22min
Arriving at Port of Calais for ferry over to Dover at 34:45min
Arriving in England & the White Cliffs of Dover 37:35min

Route taken: Autobahn 4 to Belgian border. Then the A3, A15 & A7 accross Belgium. In France the A2, A23, A25 & A16 on the way to Calais. From Dover the A2 & M2 to London.

With steering wheel & no commentary.

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