Early NHL 16 is Here, Here is a couple vids of mine and my buddies

So guys here it the day has come, NHL 16 has finally arrived...early at least for a few short hours..

Here is a couple of vids ive managed to do and i figured id just put them all in the one thread.

Appreciate your support guys and please let us know what you think in the comments section of the vid :)

or feel free to comment here

so without further ado. :

First pack opening for ChunksofGaming:

The first of many HUTCUP Challenges: A Cranky Baker and Chunks of Gaming Collab:
Feel free to subscribe to see my HUTCUP vid too :)

and lastly because im a nice guy

Season 1 Highlights for Cranky

thanks for your time guys feel free to check us out....Peace


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