Do you write or produce Machinima scripts?

I haven't done one yet but plan to do Machinimas in the future. Of course I do plan on writing a script for them lol. Just to stay away from stutter and what not haha

I'm making a machinima series atm. With GTAV gameplay. After weeks of being convinced by people from the Damnlag forums, I finally used the Rockstar Editor and it's awesome.

I write my script and I use actors as well.

The series is about how ''I'' became a serial killer =)

Capac Amaru

New Member
I write the Light Echoes series of Space Engineers machinima. I also 'write' our co-op gameplay videos.

Outside YouTube, I've got a D&D campaign I've been working on for a while, and I've written a few short stories for open submissions and writing competitions.


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