Do you live stream to youtube?


I normally stream on Twitch, but to say thank you for 100 subs, I'm going to do a YouTube livestream where my viewers can join in on my game if they want! ^_^ Not sure when exactly I will do that yet, but probably soon.


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I heard that youtube is not the greatest platform for streaming. I personally use twitch and it has been great so far.


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I am just starting streaming from xbox to youtube/twitch/mixer. Any tips on making a good stream?
Stick with it.
Stay consistent.
Stream regularly.
Engage with your audience.
Have fun.
Use keyword and catchy titles to grab new viewers.


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i used to (with stream on youtube/twitch/mixer but when you get affiliated you can't stream on multiple platform at the same time. so i mostly stream on twitch but that might change.


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nah I stream on Twitch (channel name's doggoth btw) but its really just what layout you like the best.


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