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Hey all, yes you may see loads of networks doing these posts but I'm going to be doing my own today. Anyway, I had to make a new account because I forgot my username and email for my old account. I used run a YouTube network called Exclusive Media Network, you may have seen it around. However, time goes by and I launched a new one in October 2015.

Anyway, to the network.

My name is Jonathan Donaldson, the managing director here at Digital Opportunities, otherwise known as digiopts.

Now I've finished with all the boring stuff, I should probably get on about the network.

Digital Opportunities launched in October 2015, launched by a team who are highly experienced in the YouTube networking industry, a team who were and still are content creators on YouTube.

What do we offer?

We offer no lockin contracts, we don't feel that content creators should be locked in a 1,2 or 3 year contracts. After all, we wouldn't.

We have a default 80/20 revenue share. However, we're doing a one time Christmas special of 90% revenue share, click here to apply.

We have a quick support team, via Skype, Email and Live Chat.

Advanced dashboard with many tools such as, apparel, epoxy, tube buddy, epidemic sounds, audio micro and more to come!

Sponsorships in different content

Extra revenue streams

Opportunities in TV shows, etc...

And alot more to come!

Why not check out our website

Take advantage of our One time Christmas offer

Any questions, feel free to ask or email at


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