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Discussion in 'Getting Started on YouTube' started by Premeseagry, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. Premeseagry

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    Hi guys. Me again. I wanted to ask you something..

    I'm diagnossed with depression for a long time. I'm thinking about starting side YT channel just to talk about it. I'm not really sure how people will react on that, so I don't know if I should do it. I wanna help people, just like my YT idols helped me. I wanna change the world.. if I can't change world, then I would like just to change 1 life.

    Other thing I wanted to talk about is my face reveal. I still haven't done it. I'm not sure if I wanna be anonymous or do I wanna know that people know about me.

    I'm not the most happiest person at the time, and I really don't need to people start laughing about me.

    Tnx for your answers and opinions. :)
  2. Jack Muskrat

    Jack Muskrat Well-Known Member Staff Member Damn Mod

    This might sound negative, but people will always find something to laugh about, or make fun about something about you IF that's what they're wanting to do. And this is sadly especially true on the Internet due to anonymity. But then again, I doubt people are going to start laughing at you just because you show your face.

    The thing is that anything you do online can open you up to criticism and possible bullying, and what you really need to think about is whether you can brush that off. You may be fortunate that you get no negativity from the "trolls" or general assholes, or at least it'll only be a very small portion. But part of being human, and especially being a human dealing with depression, is that you can get a hundred comments praising what you're doing and one comment putting you down, and that one comment can just crush you.

    If anyone comes at you negatively, you've got to know how to handle it - if they're throwing insults, etc then just leave them alone because anything you say back they will use to get back at you harder. If it's negative feedback, but constructive feedback then it's something you may want to take on board and maybe discuss with them what they're not happy with.

    For me, making my videos is all just about getting done what I'm setting out to do. It's mostly just having fun and playing games, but that's what I want to share with people and hope to either share the fun or even cheer someone up who's had a bad day or going through a rough time (it's the hope). And I've been meaning to address depression for a long time now, as it's something I've dealt with for a long time and would love to help people through - if or when I get around to it, I will focus my videos on that task; talking about those issues. My point being that while making the videos I don't think at all about the possible reaction of those watching - I'll leave that until I start getting any responses. And yes, negative comments can hurt but I enjoy what I do, and I keep in mind what I'm trying to achieve.

    ...I have no idea if any of this helps, but I hope so. Good luck.
  3. amateurgamer

    amateurgamer Member

    In a way, I know what you mean. Talking about your problems will help the healing process. How effective it is depends on the person. I admire that you want to help people despite what you are facing.

    The issues you talk about will likely spark different emotions from others. Even without revealing your face, you will get comments that are negative. Some people don't understand depression and make fun of depressed people. Others might lash out since you are braver than them for being willing to come out with your problems.

    I have never been diagnosed with depression but I had days when I feel real down. On those days, I think I'm harsher towards myself than anyone else and the insults I throw at myself is worse than anybody else.

    My main message is, for you to come out on top, you must not listen to those who laugh. Those people don't care about you and won't be there when you need them. I'm sure you heard of successful people hearing voices that told them they are failures. Treat these people as those voices trying to stop you.

    As efwaGames said, there will be people with positive message and comments. Listen to them! They have been through what you experienced or had family members who experienced depression. Our society has become colder in certain aspects but, if you keep looking, you will find a place where you belong. Good luck! :)
  4. GameOverViper

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    If you feel doing a facecam is only going to make you feel worse, don't do it. Just work harder doing videos without a facecam and enjoy what you do. If you're not enjoying it, then its probably not for you. But if I were you I wouldn't quit, I'd work hard at it and break that fear of facecam by doing it.

    Just be yourself. If you have your self worth wrapped up in other people's opinions, its a very difficult game to play. So avoid the face cam if its going to make you insane.

    Just do you, have fun and be awesome. You can record facecam, practice, edit it without anyone ever seeing it. Work hard at it and produce something you love. The hardest part will be pushing that publish button. If you do that, you will defeat this fear of facecam.

    You'll need to work on pushing aside the negativity in life. There's always going to be someone who has to drag someone else down because they are not happy in life. Ignore them the best that you can. You can hide there posts, report them on the platforms and hide the comments. There's no reason to obsess over them as you only live once and if you're focused on negative things people are saying, then you're not focused on producing content for your next video to prove that person wrong about who you are and what your goal in life is.
  5. MyNameBookie

    MyNameBookie New Member

    Do what you are comfortable with, I don't mind showing my face because it does not bother me. But I am not most people and I understand that some would rather stay anonymous. Do it for you, not for anyone else.

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