Damnlag PC Gaming Night


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I would be interested in this. However Loadout doesn't appeal since it seems to have been abandoned, at least from the reviews I've read.


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War Thunder takes my vote

- free game and good fun
- might be hard on some systems


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This sounds awesome! Wednesday and Thursday might be an issue for me as I'm moving those days. Hopefully this happens and I'm able to attend :D


Sounds like great fun, would love to be involved if you want me to be! Personally I am away over the weekend and I get back on Wednesday morning so any time after then. Time difference is always a pain but hopefully we can work something out.
Agree with Loadout, it's fast paced shooting craziness and could be quite funny in teams against each other. Though I don't mind playing anything at all as long as I know in advance to install it, I have most things


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im down:cool:
Ehh.. What the hell.. I'm in too, Nothing to lose. Just give me a time and date and i'll try to be there :) Also Planetside could be an option if FPS is something to consider. Other than that could try a MOBA like L.O.L? Try to vary it a bit :)


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