Damnlag Achieves 10,000 Members


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Congrats to damnlag


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This is a huge milestone for this site. I am happy to announce that we have 10,000 members registered here today. While we don't have 10,000 active on the forum, many still continue to use this forum to promote, share, collaborate, discuss and meet others.

This really is an awesome community and I am glad that we could create such a great community as Damnlag.

Thank you all for choosing to be a member of this community!

I just joined amazed to see how many people we have here.


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Awesome. Congratulations to all of you :p
So i know this was in Augest of 2015 and we've probily grown even more since then, but yes this is a milestone. And hopefully it does continue to grow so we can get more great people who care and can be helpful... However i do have to wonder tho at just how many of those 10,000 are actually active and still around too.


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