Daily Upload Thread for Tuesday, October 20th 2020

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What is the Daily Upload? For those of you new to the Daily Upload, it's a thread that I create on a daily basis for members to share news, videos, and discuss anything related to YouTube or Games that happen on this date ONLY. Its simply another way for people to share videos, possibly get a discussion created on it and come up with ideas or suggestions for new videos they can make.

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Kiss Marry or Kill Anime Remastered Game Quiz Panichev Trivia
In this exciting game you are given a choice of three heroes from various famous anime, with the help of which three actions are available: kill, kiss or marry. In each round, you must decide which of the proposed characters will be your Waifu or Husbando, and which will be excluded. After that, the general statistics will appear on the screen, and you can compare your choice with the preferences of other players. At the moment, the game has more than 10,000 characters from the best anime, but if you have any suggestions for filling this list, we will be happy for your ideas.

How to play:
★ To select an action (Kiss, Marry, Kill), click on the picture, then select the desired icon in the bar at the bottom of the screen.
★ With the filter button, you can play rounds only with those characters you choose.
★ In the upper left corner there is a button that, when clicked, opens the author's page of the image.
★ To skip a round, click the “SKIP” button at the top of the screen.
★ To create a round, click on the "ADD YOUR OWN ROUND" button in the main menu.

The names of the characters belong to their authors. All images are taken from open sources, and each of them has a link to the author's page. Contact us if you want to remove them from the game. Email for offers is below.
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