Daily Upload Thread for Friday, January 13th 2017

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Jack Muskrat

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What is the Daily Upload? For those of you new to the Daily Upload, it's a thread that I create on a daily basis for members to share news, videos, and discuss anything related to YouTube or Games that happen on this date ONLY. Its simply another way for people to share videos, possibly get a discussion created on it and come up with ideas or suggestions for new videos they can make.

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Given my channel is 50% gaming, 50% non-gaming, here is a new podcast where my friend Natasha Chandel (Kinda Dating podcast) and I get personal about our dating lives, talk about cheating (can you break the cycle?) and even sex with robots??- enjoy!



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I'm doing something different with the thumbnail. With the Overwatch videos the picture is going to be the character I'm playing as in the video.
So in the video my teams just forgot about the payload. We could have probably won so much sooner.


Happy New Years Everyone!!! Hope you guys have a great one!!! Giving you guys and update on what I have been up too, what to expect from my channel in the future, and what Gameline has been up too!!! Thank you so much for watching!!! I hope you guys enjoy!!! #RiotNation
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