Daily Upload for Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

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What is the Daily Upload? For those of you new to the Daily Upload, it's a thread that I create on a daily basis for members to share news, videos, and discuss anything related to YouTube or Games that happen on this date ONLY. Its simply another way for people to share videos, possibly get a discussion created on it and come up with ideas or suggestions for new videos they can make.

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Ok so me and dotty (Some random polish guy) started a game of ranked blitz and i went big!
So first round, If you check back to my channel i got 32 kills what in ranked blitz i think is a big round for one round!
Now this is the second round showing what just happened but as you can guess i just kept destroying :)

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Crusaders of the Lost Idols | Merci's Mix-Up Event! | Episode 3
is now uploaded check it out:


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What's going on with Howard?
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I did a different type of video to my channel. It is me explaining the funny story of me and the KFC delivery service. Hope that you enjoy!



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'WHY IS IT SO HARD!' Cluster Trucks Random Game #4
Hey guys PepnaZz here! and welcome your faces back to another random game, this time I am hopping back on Cluster Trucks the infuriating new in alpha game about Free Running and jumping from one truck to the other avoiding obstacles on the way.

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Firewatch | #5 | We're being watched and getting knocked out!!


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