Daily Upload for Thursday, February 18th, 2016

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Howard is back!! Come check out his new adventure!!
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Third Episode in the series, using LFC, EFC, MCFC and MUFC players to reach Division 1 Glory. Check out the rest of the series on my channel. Appreciate comments, Likes, Subs and any feedback.
So i saw xbox got rocket league and thought i might as well give this a go i've never played before so go easy on me :)
Also my xbox live name recently got change by xbox because Genociide is really bad? Not only that they didn't allow me to change my name myself so i got this random stupid name what they picked ...
So i'm thinking of a new name still with Geno in it if any of you lot come up with a good name comment below!

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If it wasn't enough that we had a huge defensive mess up last time and got a lot of our dudes wounded, now the visitors are bringing their shit with them. Well that's life on the Rim for you!

Ottomans could be vulnerable if we access them with our fleet of ten outdated ships. Then again that might not be the greatest idea, but we'll go and get the access the Black Sea anyways.

A gentleman wants us to kill a nasty hyena out in the unknown unexplored lands. I'm sure we can target the correct one, but just to make sure to kill it, let's strap some dynamite on it.

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Today I'm back with some more Heroes vs Villains in Star Wars: Battlefront! Check it out below!
I also play some of the footballs!



Welcome to the final part of Layers Of Fear! ShyKing brings the finale of this amazing series to a brand new level. Many secrets are revealed and his masterpiece is finally uncovered!
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