Daily Upload for Saturday, February 13th, 2016

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Wasabi Peeps!! It's me, WilBajamas and I'm here to take you to the ending of Pony Island. Yes, it's a Psychological Horror Game created to make people go crazy or head scratch out of the room. Here is the Ending of Pony Island :


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Our first boss is Necromancer Apprentice and we'll take our A team to deal with it. Fame and fortune awaits the brave souls that dare venture deep into the darkest corners of the Ruins!

We still have some small nations inside our borders and it might be time to clean em up so our name can grow again. Everything to look pretty and prevent too much border gore!

Johan's anthropological research is paying off and we're of to a great start. Let's hope nothing goes wrong on our 2nd expedition and we'll be able to amass a big lead.

Hope you enjoy the videos and if you do, make sure to check out other let's play series on my channel, it's all fun and games!
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