Daily Upload for Friday, April 8th, 2016

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What is the Daily Upload? For those of you new to the Daily Upload, it's a thread that I create on a daily basis for members to share news, videos, and discuss anything related to YouTube or Games that happen on this date ONLY. Its simply another way for people to share videos, possibly get a discussion created on it and come up with ideas or suggestions for new videos they can make.
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The Forest (Early Access) | Online Co-op | Episode 9 - More Building!
Is now uploaded, Check it out:

Jay Carsen

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Hey guys started playing Blade & Soul recently and decided to make an early game review since i believe what happens in the early parts of the game will dictate if you will continue playing or not.

I hope you guys check out the channel and please subscribe and support me ^_^



"Disgusting" seems to be a theme in this episode. Brace yourselves!

I told you, James should go dumpster diving. New occupation! Quell the sadness New episode of 【SILENT HILL 2】now!


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My thoughts and actual facts on the recent $20 million drama
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