Commonly Used Broadcast Tools for Twitch


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These applications and methods below are the most common tools for broadcasting your games on Twitch. For a more in-depth exploration of optimization or help with troubleshooting, visit the Twitch Support Center.

Open Broadcast Software - Setup Guide
Free and open source software for recording and live streaming. Source code is available to everyone to contribute and improve.

XSplit Gamecaster - Setup Guide
XSplit Gamecaster eliminates the need to know or worry about complicated stream configurations. Go straight to your game and start playing, and let XSplit Gamecaster detect the best settings for your computer and your internet.

XSplit Broadcaster - Setup Guide
Optimized for and used by gamers all over the world. XSplit is a straight forward way to get your gameplay online in minutes.

Wirecast - Setup Guide
Professional live production software. Has support for multiple cameras, additional media, chroma key, titles, transitions and much more.

Evolve - Setup Guide
Evolve makes your games more fun with media sharing, universal matchmaking, free VoIP, a gaming VPN, and more.

Elgato Game Capture Device
Built-in features that allow you to stream to Twitch quickly and easily on console platforms.

HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition Device
Now includes StreamEez, so you can live stream your video game play. Create a Twitch channel with StreamEez.


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