Xbox One Collab Group - YouTube Org - "Royal Gaming"

I'm starting up a youtube organization and in this group there will be a org channel where all the content creators in the org can upload videos. Also, everyone in the group can collab on any and whichever games or game systems they choose. I have all gaming systems besides nintendo. I'm also starting up a competitive call of duty team, you must have above average skill and knowledge of callouts for this. Other than that there are pretty much little to no requirements, besides the ones below. This is an extremely serious and professional group that will be starting, so no kids looking for something fun to do, but looking for serious content creators on youtube to make a future out of their gaming goals.

Number of People: Atleast 5
Timezone:Anything US
Mission:To create a serous and professional-like group of content creators to help each other with designs, videos, and growth.
Subscribers:50+ (I have 96)
Link to Channel:


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