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Hey Anyone wanna check out my Content I do Minecraft SHoutouts And Speedarts for you. I Like Horror Games And I DO SO MUCH STUFF!.

So that was my little thing right there but the real reason why your reading this is because that i just started 4 months ago and i have 200 subs so i just really want you guys to just watch my videos and i really need help to reach 1k WHICH YOU THINK MIGHT NEVER HAPPEN FOR ME...
It will, I HAve a damn dream..... NAH i just think i will so yeah guys thanks for wasting idk 70 30 seconds or maybe 5 seconds of your life and HAVE A NIIIICE DAY! :rolleyes:


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Good luck with getting 1k subs! and welcome to YTG forum if yah ever wanna game or collab just message me on steam at Aksatsuki


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Welcome to the community ^^ Good luck with your goals! Work hard, have fun and you'll make it :)


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Damn Admin
Hello, welcome to YouTube Gaming! Anything is possible if you work hard and stay motivated. Hope you reach your goal, whether that's 1K or 1 Million. ;)
Hey bro just want to say I hope you reach that goal and continue to higher goals I have 1525 subs but I get a lot of hate from my subs due to that I used a promoting site that got my channel subs within days so please don't do what I did I don't want you to destroy your subs idea of you all my subs think of me as is a cheat and a cheap ass for doing that. So bro I hope you do what you want to do with your channel and if you want to game or record a video just message me

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