Can I monetize Game Footage without Problem?


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Really you should be contacting the companies to get permission to use the footage for monetization..... but....

....let's live in the real world.... generally if you upload gaming videos with commentary in it there's a very good chance it will be monetized. The things that could cause issues is if there is any copyrighted music or potentially any cut-scenes.


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Without commentary you are more likely to get issues. This is mainly because by you recording gameplay and uploading it then it really is not your content, it is basically you uploading the gameplay and nothing else. By you adding commentary then it is more your content.


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Almost every game company allows you to upload game footage for commercial use. However if there is any music in the game play then it can be flagged because game companies usually outsource to bands ect for the musical score for their games.

For example for my Bioshock playthrough i am doing. I can monetise it however some of my parts i cannot because of a radio that was on the floor playing music.

There are a few game companies that do not allow their game to be used for commercial use but its pretty rare these days as to them its free advertising.


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This is a pretty comprehenisive list of which companies allow monetization. A few, however, aren't mentioned.

SEGA - Will allow uploading SEGA gameplay footage, but reserves the right to take down any video at any time. According to their legal department, they typically do not pursue Let's Play footage.

Capcom - Once again, does not give explicit permission for monetized gameplay footage. Expect to get ContentID'd often.

Ubisoft - Allows Let's Plays and Monetization, but under specific conditions:


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I'm going to assume you own your voice, as do 99% of us, and say that you will not have to worry about issues monetizing videos with your commentary.


Don't monetize any kind of game play unless partnered with a network it's not worth the chance of copyright


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