Can anyone else see anything wrong with this video?

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Ok, so i've posted something similar to this before, but it's kind of different this time.

Something is happening with my computer and I'm not sure what, but I think my graphics card is on it's way out. All my recording software (Mirillis Action, Dxtory, FRAPS) are acting up, making really bad quality recordings when I've had no problem with them before, so it can't be coincidence.

The only thing, is that when I looked at the video on my boyfriends TV it didn't look so bad, so I'm just wondering if anyone else is seeing blocky pixels and fuzzy edges?


Fireteam Brosiris

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That can be YouTube sometimes. When you first upload it the video doesn't "settle" for a few hours so when you go to view it straight away it can look funny. It's annoying and doesn't happen all the time but it still is something to be aware of
The quality does look a bit low but its not horrible. i say try a game that a bit more graphically demanding or has more detail.
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