PS4 Black Ops 3 Fun & Stupidness


Game: Black Ops 3
Platform: PS4
Number of People: Any!
Timezone: London GMT but can work with any.
Age: 24
Mission: So this isn't a call for a collab as such but just to hopefully make some new friends who enjoy having a laugh and a bit of fun on blops3!
Subscribers: 24
Link to Channel:

Okay so just a little bit more info, I currently play in the evenings around 7pm with my friend Shaun, he's great and we would both just like some more friends to play with :) We also like to play rocket league and gta5 every now and again. I actually have quite some free time in the day as well, so if you're not available in the evenings that's still cool!

Video wise, I only make funny moments, nothing serious so don't worry about being a great player, we are not the greatest haha!

Drop me a comment if you're interested and I'll send you my psn :)


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