Best ways of promotion ?

I'm here to pick your brains on what's the best and most effective ways to promote your channel that have worked for you?

Me personally I have a twitter , facebook , and instagram. I also went to the extent of making business cards. And last but not least I use the forums. I currently returned to this one and joined another one earlier so I've heard being active in forums helps get your name out and grow


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Hey MMC! :D
I think networking is also very important. Lately, it's getting harder and harder to stand out as a single person vs having dynamics and good banter with someone else (if that makes sense). Think Sovietwomble - his funniest videos were with Cyanide!

In my early YT days, I used to do Youtube covers with a group of friends - and they were actually the ones who kept me going, kept me wanting to improve with a healthy amount of rivalry etc. Of course, once you start doing collabs with them, your initial "audience base" expands. Collaborations need to be genuine though and you should genuinely enjoy playing with the Youtubers you collab with - otherwise it will show in your vids.

I also have a gamer profile on Fundeavour (this site that I created with a few friends to help make gamers + Youtubers more visible). The profile aggregates your social media stats and allows you to create an online resume of sorts. It helps when people want to "stalk" your online presence, haha.
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I think using everything at your disposal helps. Twitter is a great one, using correct hashtags can really draw in the crowd. Finding a good community or network which can help with the promotion side can really help!


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I use Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat but Twitter is by far my favourite! It's the best social media for networking with other streamers. I personally always send a picture when I tweet out I'm going live, people notice pictures more in their twitter feed :)


As from what most people have said; Twitter is by far the best tool to getting your stream out to the public. You're able to tag certain handles in that generally stick to retweeting streams, or you can find more people based around what you enjoy on Twitter and stick with them to get their help with marketing.

But to me; my favorite method is streamer to streamer interaction. This does not mean going into other streams and advertising your channel. Generally, when you go into a smaller streamers channel, chat, follow, and hang out with them, they will generally look at your stream. This is called networking, as what Lylia stated. Networking is extremely important, especially when you go to events, use the business cards you have to give to others that may be interested in similar games that you play.

Make friends, too. I've become close friends with larger streamers just based on being there for them through their good and bad streams, hanging out with them during events, and just being a good supporter. This obviously doesn't mean you have to donate or subscribe to them, some of them are genuinely nice people and will give their viewers the time of the day. Now; don't expect these larger streamers to give you a shoutout, and don't ask for it, they will do it if they feel you are a good supporter of them.

There are tons of ways to market your stream, but it all comes down to what you want to do and how far you are willing to go.


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Twitter is a fine source as well as working with other streamers, becoming part of their network and watching their content. Like minded people tend to grow as to just being singular. Also, don't be afraid to spend a little money on promotion of tweets or Facebook posts. Never do the 'like4like, sub4sub' ordeal because it doesn't build the kind of fan base or community that you want/need. It also makes you look really desperate and never be afraid to try new things.

If you want to go far, treat it like a small business. Make it something you are willing to go to the edge and back with. If you love doing what you do, you can turn it into a career that you love. Instead of going out to the bar, record that let's play. Instead of laying around and watching TV, stream a game you love to everyone else for a couple of hours. There is more time in a day than you think.


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