At what point should you stream?


At what point should you stream? I mean should I have a certain number of subs on YT or just throw my hat in and start streaming to try and gain more subs and followers?

Jack Muskrat

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Just go for it! Streaming could be something that helps you build your sub count.


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streaming when small is the same as youtubing when small. Do it your best but do it for you don't expect a lot just because you are doing it.


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You should go for it, streaming in the free time can help you a lot and is fun to interact with the viewers.


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Just do it! Streaming is simple, easy to do and whether you are 0 subscribers or just 50 subscribers on YouTube. Streaming can only help you and your brand grow with more followers.


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I bought a headset and a PS4 camera then just hit the 'Share' button on my PS4 pad. I feel bad for the people that miss my streams.


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If you watch other streams, popular streams, most of them have a schedule that they list on there channel page below the stream. If you make a schedule, stream when you say you're going to stream, then you'll start to build a community around your channel.

If you quit streaming out of the blue and don't stream for a while, then chances are you won't have those same people coming back when you stream again.

You're not going to go live and suddenly get 100+ people watching you. You have to give people a reason to want to watch you play a game. Interact with the people watching and make the most out of your broadcasts.

Getting a couple people who actively come to your stream each time and making them moderators will help them want to keep coming back. If you have a couple people, then you'll start to get more and more eventually.

It all depends on the game you play as well. Whats popular, what are other top streamers doing to get the views. Watch and learn from others and try to do it better.


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