Are you Partnered on YouTube?


I'm not partnered, just "partnered" directly to YouTube to get access to custom thumbnails, longer videos etc.


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Marcan3308 said:
I am partnered through TGN. I am very happy with the company. They have a lot of tools, especially on their forums, that allow you to improve your vids. Haven't had a problem with them yet. Uploading to the main channel is a bit of a hassle, though.
Agree with you and I'm partnered with TGN too.


TheRealMEGaming said:
I tried to partner with gamer nation well over a week ago and I haven't gotten anything after my application...
It seems Creative Nation the MCN for Gamer Nation and my network GamerZAssociation hasn't been doing much over the christmas period and hopefully everything goes to normal soon. Not too sure about why they are taking a while. They have also been trying to launch some other features that has been delayed and maybe until they launch the new features they may not be accepting new partners.

Again hopefully this week or next week it should be back to normal for Creative Nation and all sub-networks and partners under them.


I agree, I become a network before Christmas and applied with both of my channels my network channel and personal channel and both of them haven't had anyword. I'm just guessing that delays due to some features not being launched yet. Not sure if I am meant to state this but I will, apparently the main feature they are working on launching currently is the new dashboard which was meant to be released around Christmas time I believe.


I am currently Partnered with Freedom, I don't know how but some access was made to my account and I realised all my Estimated Earnings from YouTube disappeared and I was registered here, I want to close the link between that and maybe move over to DamnLag.


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currently partnered with Curse Union for gamers, and currently very happy with them :D
Is anyone here networked with Zoomin.TV?

I've been partnered with them since March 2013, but I've had multiple thoughts on switching in the past.
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