Are there any networks that actually promote you?

VBC Trinity Games

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Title basically says it all. I've been approached by several networks and none of them seem worth it. Why would I want to give them a % of my revenue when they only provide the same things I already get being a YouTube partner?

I'm still fairly new and growing (slowly as of late) but I'm told that my content is solid and interesting - I tend to cover rpgs and more niche games such as Dark Souls, Odin Sphere and Salt and Sanctuary (never been one to follow fads, ya know? Tho Dark Souls is becoming pretty popular these days) I wouldn't mind signing up with a solid network if they actually promoted me - a little exposure could go a long way - but it doesn't seem like any do since they just sign on as many as they can get in order to maximize profits.

The Limitless

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There are some networks like the ones we work with that provides collaboration system, forums, featured video system that would allow everyone in the community to help build each others channels. If I remembered correctly, the network also provides features contents on their guides and tutorials at the end. So, some networks would be more beneficial while some will not.


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To an extent, yes. But unless your channel is big, brings in a bunch of revenue for the network or you have a wicked brand that the network is wanting to keep under the network, then probably not.

If it benefits the network, they'll probably do it. But most networks focus on the bigger channels and ignore the smaller channels.