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    Hello, my name is GGGaming with a youtube channel with almost 5 thousand subscribers. I am currently starting a YouTube team with my friend NovaVFX, and we are looking for other content creators to join us. Apply quickly only a couple of spots left. You might look at the list and think it's too long but its to weed out the people who want to join and people looking for a quick sub boost.Not needed to be public but could be unlisted recommended public.No sub requirements, discord gggaming#4880

    -Good mic
    -Good Editing
    -Minimum 720p 60fps

    Video Questions
    -Why do you want to join(Truth)?
    -previous game crew?
    -availability to record?
    -Pc Specs?
    -time zone?
    -about your self?
    -games you have?
    -make a quick video demo of you playing(record gameplay and edit it of your favorite game)30sec-1min

    -horror games(any)
    -GTA 5
    -left for dead 2
    -rainbow 6

    Form for video entry:
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