Anyone wanna collab??

Hi, I'm Michael (Super Saiyan Kitty) and my friend's name is Shane (Sexy LLama) Would anyone care to collab in Minecraft, Gmod, or any game on PC that doesn't cost money? lol Preferably people that are 18+ and okay with cursing and teasing :D

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We're two guys who decided randomly that since all we do when we have free time is play games, "why not record and hope to make people laugh too!" We live in the USA (Florida to be specific.) We're both 21. We've started Youtube on November of 2014 because we thought we could do well by trying to upload Assassin's Creed Unity early. Little did we realize there were a lot of early gameplays already :/ Our style is comedy. We like to rage at each other which I get from channels like Uberhaxornova and ImmortalHD. One day we hope when or if we get big (like 100k subs) we would like to collab with smaller channels no matter how small to help them get started and get bigger.
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Hey I am interested in doing a collab with you guys. From watching your videos I feel like it would be a great time doing a collab. I like to do comedy as well but for me it is hard to show it in solo videos because I am not used to it. I am 17 but almost 18. If you want we could just play some minecraft and see how it works out without recording hahaha. The only downside is that I have 67 subs.
I also have a total of 8,800 views

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