A Good and Bad Way To Grow (Try at your own risk)

Discussion in 'Getting Started on YouTube' started by Instinct, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. Instinct

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    Alright guys so i felt the need to share this around with some fellow youtubers please listen up! Reddit can be a great way to GAIN ATTENTION to your video but that doesnt mean positive or negative ive used reddit in my beginning stages and to be honest reddit did help gain attention towards my content but alot of the time it would get alot of hate and discourage me and reddit wasnt really a game changer so if your new and just starting out avoid reddit because you will get dislikes and hurtful comments TRUST ME hope this was helpful tho!
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  2. Goobz999

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    I've always been hesitant to post on Reddit for those reasons, that being said i welcome honest opinions or constructive criticisms. Constructive being the key word. So it's not like I'm trying to censor my channel from all negative things. This just solidifies my reasoning to not go there, Just to get bombarded with malicious hateful crap.
  3. Instinct

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    Oh yea my guy they dont even leave constructive criticism on reddit they just attack right away lol its ridiculous
  4. JakeVahshi

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    I've had some positive feedback on some of the videos I posted on Reddit. From my experience on some sub-reddits for games, the content that I posted that were different from the typical Let's Plays were better received by the community. (Ex: Original Songs Based off of Video Games)
    Reddit is definitely a great place to start, but like you said, content creators should be prepared to receive possible negative comments on their reddit posts or even on their videos.
  5. Rolluxus

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    I mean yes this does happen but if you do it in a way it is possible to use it for the good but it is very hard to do so I agree with this, Reddit is nothing but a bunch of toxic people most of the time not worth getting your face pushed in just for uploading something you worked hard on, Just to have some salty person talk crap about it for no reason other than the fact they can and make you not want to do YouTube anymore and most of the time they are mad they can't do what we do themselves just saying. Cheers

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