50 subs would be nice start


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I have 3 subs now. I have had over 100 subs before when I YouTube with my friend and other times with other friends, but never alone. Only because I thought it would never happen, which I hope does one day. I feel, I am improving slowly each video I do, so I thought over time as long as I keep trying and never give up i'll hit the 50 subs or more mark.


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Hey man i know the feeling i just got my first sub the other day it can be hard grind sometimes but like you said the more you do it the better you'll get and usually it all comes together in the end just keep it up man.


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We just hit 75 last night, it can be a battle at times, and feel like it's not worth, but I just think of the fans supporting us. If you love doing this, they will come, good luck!

Jack Muskrat

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