1 year without subs or views

Discussion in 'Getting Started on YouTube' started by HearingMind, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. HearingMind

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    Hey guys ive been trying to grow up my music channel for a year now
    But all i got in 1 year was 3-5 subscribers, maybe because i made su.b for su.b and youtube probably made my channel visibility hidden or something

    So i decided to create a new secondary channel and the same is happening, i am running this secondary channel over a month now and only 1 subscriber

    The thing that annoys me is that, most new music youtube channels get lots of subscribers.with their first videos. I searched for some and found 1 music channel with 8 views and 6 subscribers already, and the video was uploaded less than 24 hours. Also found 1 music channel that started 1 month ago and has now 122 subs. Seeing this kinda makes me lose motivation

    I will only get views if i share my videos in reddits and other forums, but not from youtube.

    The weird thing is that my most popular video has now 400 views and im using the same tags, title and description for ALL of my videos, and they do not get views at all

    So i dont know whats happening tbh. I hope someone can help if possible
  2. 2M3llow

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    self promotion isnt that bad on forums just dont spam.. and secondly youtube doesnt help small youtubers. so keep posting on forum asking people to support your channel and in return make some good vidz n music to entertain them that way you grow faster cause they are gonna want to share it with their friends... hope this helps..

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