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  1. Leo Ventosa


    Hope you enjoyed the video lol
  2. Leo Ventosa

    Channel Update June 2016 (Back To School) | Website Launched!

    Hello Geeks! Today I bring you this channel update video of what is going to be happening this month. Sad to say but my summer is over and about to go back to school. Hoping that I can still upload at least two videos a week. If you did enjoy, Don't forget to leave a like, Share this to your...
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    Heyllo Geeks! I have to admit, I am the worst player on and I hope you liked my class setup. It is the best class on lol. It was fun. Im hoping for the next ".io" game to came out. Enemies got rekt lol. feel free to tell your highest score in this game, I ranked up to 7th on the...
  4. Leo Ventosa

    STRAWS IN MY MOUTH!? | LV Responds #2

    Reading Comments Starts At 2:11 Heyllo Geeks! I truly appreciate all of the supports that you show to me. It serves as my main inspiration and motivation to continue this wonderful journey. All right. Enough of that #Drama XP. Just add"#LVResponds" to any comment you want me to respond on. :D...
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    Hello Geeks! I didn't know any games to play so I decided to play compilations of all these "Great" Indie games. What do yah think of those games? If you did enjoy, Don't forget to leave a like, Share this to your friends, family or pets, social medias, Leave a feedback on the comments section...
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    FUNNY MONTAGE | 1K Subscribers Special

    Hello Geeks! So recently, we hit One Thousand Subscribers/Geeks. Thats insane! thank you all for the supports! As a Thank you, I made a compilation of all the funny moments from all the videos of this channel :D If you did enjoy, Don't forget to leave a like, Share this to your friends, family...
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    The Walking Dead Final Episode Gameplay

    Heyllo everybody! We are almost finished! But someone died! Guess who it was and watch it here. HIGH FIVE!
  8. Leo Ventosa

    Would You Bean Boozled?

    Heyllo everybody! I just did my First challenge video ever! Would you dare eat this jelly Beans? Well, Watch me do the challenge while playing Would You rather. Spoiler: Potato has ruled the world! HIGH FIVE!
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    "OMFG" | GTA Trailer

    Heyllo everybody! Yeahy. I really hope you're gonna like it because It took me a lot of time to edit and film it :D I hope you enjoy, Like, Comment, and share if you did :D HIGH FIVE and Advanced Happy New Year!
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    500 Subs Special Montage! | LV Gaming

    Heyllo everybody! Alright! As a thank you for 500 geeks, I give you this special montage from different clips of different videos. Thank you very much! You really motivates me and HIGH FIVE!...
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    LV Gaming

    Title of Thread: Channel Name Channel Name: LV Gaming Channel Link: Channel Start Date: May 26, 2015 Partnered with Network?: yes Amount of Videos on Channel:70 Total Subscribers:676 Amount of Total Views on Channel:16k Channel...
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    PS4 Looking for someone to Collab. GTA and Rocket League

    Game:GTA and Rocket League Platform:ps4 Number of People:at least 3 Timezone:SouthEast Asia Age:15 Mission:To collab Subscribers:600+ Link to Channel: