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  1. Rivenia


    Started a new Sims 4 werewolf series! If you're a Teen Wolf fan like me, maybe you'll like this series that is inspired by it. Nightfall follows two young adult best friends and roommates who suddenly find themselves mixed up in the world of the supernatural. Episode 1: After one too many...
  2. Rivenia


    Here is episode 3 of my Sims 4 series! This episode focuses on Cameron and one of his childhood bullies. Will they be able to move passed what happened all those years ago?
  3. Rivenia


    Hello! Here is my Sims 4 series "We Are Young." I only have two episodes out at the moment, but have a total of 12 planned. Here's the summary I've written for it: We Are Young follows a various group of teens from different "cliques" as they attempt to navigate high school, as well as deal...
  4. Rivenia

    New Sims 4 Stories Channel!

    Hey guys, Not sure if there are a lot of simmers on Damnlag, but if you like Sims 4 stories/machinimas, that's what my new channel focuses on! I am currently making a teen drama series that is loosely inspired by Skins, and have the first and second episode uploaded...
  5. Rivenia

    GTA 5 vs GTA 6

    I love GTA 5 so much, it's kind of hard for me to even think about GTA 6, even though I am excited for it!
  6. Rivenia

    Why do you do YouTube?

    Like most have already said, for the fun! YT helps me share what I create, and if people have an interest, that's a bonus. ^_^
  7. Rivenia

    Can uploading more often actually give you less views?

    I think it depends on the content. Some videos take so long to make, there's no way to upload everyday. But I agree with the above post, there's no right or wrong answer. If you can upload everyday, why not? I think I'd personally get burnt out, but some people can do it!
  8. Rivenia

    What editing software do you use?

    For such a long time, I could only use Windows Movie Maker. But about a year or so ago, I finally was able to upgrade and now I use Pinnacle Studio 22. I know there's a newer version of it, but I'm pretty content with it!
  9. Rivenia

    Hey all! Not so new here...

    Hello! I've actually posted on Damnlag years ago, but I've recently made a new YouTube channel. I love a variety of different games, but my new channel is focusing on Sims 4 content, which lets me get creative and make stories. That is also something I've always loved to do, from a very young...