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  1. RetralMega

    What Do You Like?

    In this game, you say something (that hasn't been said before) that you like. Example: I like pizza. If you see something you like that someone else has posted, like their post! I'll start. I like Pizza.
  2. RetralMega

    Spoiler Support for Signatures

    I would love to have a spoiler in my signature that lists every game I own so that people can see games we may both have and want to play. I tried, and the preview worked, but in the actual signature, there's no spoiler and it's just a wall of games, so I removed it.
  3. RetralMega


    My Steam is MegaDarkAngelLP. My skype is the same. Add me to play H1Z1! Station Name is PsychoticDave!
  4. RetralMega

    Cards Against Humanity

    Hello! Add MegaDarkAngelLP on Skype with a message saying Cards Against Humanity, and we will be playing the free version. Must have a mic and a crude sense of humor.
  5. RetralMega

    Damnlag Skype Group

    I need someone in the group that can invite me in to add me and do so. The Skype is MegaDarkAngelLP. Please and thank you.
  6. RetralMega

    Let's Play Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix (2.5 HD ReMIX) - Part 14: Beast is rude.

    Link to Playlist of the entire Let's Play:
  7. RetralMega

    "Oh, stop it!"

    Compliment the person above you!
  8. RetralMega

    Liar Liar

    Make up a lie about the person above you! All forum rules still apply. Don't be too rude.
  9. RetralMega

    Want to Play Games With Me? (PC ONLY)

    Here's a list of the games I have that I am willing to play and record. League of Legends Smite Minecraft Town of Salem STEAM Garry's Mod Town of Salem Half-Life 2 (through Synergy) Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead 2 Portal 2 Team Fortress 2 Alien Swarm PAYDAY: The Heist Town of Salem is listed twice...
  10. RetralMega

    The Website Changed...?

    I went to the website, like normal, but I was no longer logged in. Weird. I've also noticed that avatars aren't shown in the same places. Alerts and inbox messages also are now spelled out (instead of an icon) and are on the right of my name. Was this all intentional, or is it a weird glitch? I...
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    I'm weird, so I'll introduce myself with a template. Name: Dave Gender: Male Age: Eighteen Language: English Owned Systems: PC, PS3, PS4 (can only stream PS4) YouTube Channel: Twitch Channel: PSN...
  12. RetralMega

    In need of an intro!

    I would love to have an intro for my YouTube Channel. What You Get: A Subscription from me. A shout-out. Your channel in the description. What I Need: A 3D Intro that includes "PsychoticDave" in it. If you can do a graphic equalizer, that would be awesome. A way to get in touch with you. Add...
  13. RetralMega

    Game Game...?

    I literally couldn't think of a name for this. Basically, I start with something like... Kingdom Hearts. You take the S and use that as the first letter for your game. Rules: Must be a game. Must start with last used letter or number. If there is nothing for the last letter or number, choose the...
  14. RetralMega

    Collaboration time! [PC / PS4]

    Hello. My name is Dave and I am here to recruit some members for a collaboration! Here are the online multi-player games I own: PS4: Destiny PC: Any free game on Steam Portal 2 Garry's Mod Counter-Strike: Global Offense (I am new to this game and to PC first-person shooters.) League of Legends...