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  1. lordkaska

    20/20/20/20 COMPLETED | Five nights at freddy's

    Hello guys here is a vid of my friend completing the 20/20/20/20 fnaf challenge Hope you guys enjoy
  2. lordkaska

    New here.

    Hello my name on this forum is Lordkaska. And i wanne show you guys my youtube video & channel I just started. Iam doing this for 2 weeks now. hope you enjoy My channel is:
  3. lordkaska

    Hello guys. Iam Lordkaska

    Hello guys iam lordkaska and iam new here. First of all iam dutch and my english is not so good. But i i'll give it my best shot. Iam 21 years old and yea i'ts fun living in The Netherlands. But i want to show you guys my friend his youtube channel if I may. Its a game channel with all kind...
  4. lordkaska

    First post: iam new here may i ask how to chat?

    Hello iam new here and i want to show you guys something but before that i want to learn a little bit of this place. So here am I my name is John Iam dutch, my english is not so good but I try to do my best. first of all I want to know a little bit around. so where can I start? how to chat...