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  1. AHeapOfGames

    Epic Royale Games

    Hello! Got a link to the channel?
  2. AHeapOfGames

    Nick and Autumn Gaming

    Hello! Really good job on the channel art. Looks proper! Your thumbnails look very busy... but at the same time it's easy to read. Anybody interested in the content can quickly tell what it is. So I'd say they're pretty good, though not the prettiest thumbnails! You look like you know what...
  3. AHeapOfGames

    New Upcoming Rainbow Six Siege youtuber!

    Hello! I like the simplicity of the banner. It's not trying too hard. The only thing I will say about that, though, is that it gives me absolutely no idea of what I'm in for! The thumbnails look well made, but they also look very busy, and it can be hard to read when it's blue writing on a...
  4. AHeapOfGames

    A Heap Of Games... Returns!

    Hello all! I used to be active on this forum a few years ago, and remembered it fondly. My channel is still going, but after a couple breaks it's been real slow. Getting back into it now though! I'm here to help. I've got a lot of experience. I'm also up for some PC collabing! Adam
  5. AHeapOfGames

    Channel of the Month #19 (March 2016) - Voting/Entries

    I'm afraid I didn't enter, Bumbles =P Next month though. I think you'll have to choose somebody else.
  6. AHeapOfGames

    Video Game Reviews & Top 5's/10's - TheSkullKid

    Hi Skullkid! Channel art looks pretty good! Very consistent, too. The only thing I will suggest is putting something on the banner which indicates the types of videos you make! Maybe you could put some more playlists on the homepage, too, once you have more video content. Watching the Top 5...
  7. AHeapOfGames

    Daily Upload for Saturday, March 19th, 2016

    My new Banter Wars Mini-series!
  8. AHeapOfGames

    A Heap Of Games

    A lovely Challenge Belt series as build-up for the oncoming Banter Wars Series 2!
  9. AHeapOfGames

    Channel of the Month #19 (March 2016) - Voting/Entries

    My channel: My votes! =D @PhantomPhoenix @RustyPieLover @Sentenza Gaming @SoJiNn @MistreBumbles
  10. AHeapOfGames

    Youtube issues?

    YouTube always has an issue or two! The worst at the moment is the one where some good comments end up in spam, then you can't reply to them once their out!
  11. AHeapOfGames

    What do you do with your video after uploading it?

    I agree with the external hard drive people. Can't add much to the conversation other than that, really =P
  12. AHeapOfGames

    Videos Suddenly Getting Really Low Views?!?!

    Views cary wildly. As do a lot of things with channels our size! I've discovered this many times.
  13. AHeapOfGames

    Channel of the Month #18 (Feb 2016) - Voting/Entries

    I don't want to be in contention for next month Ste! =) (Check out my channel anyway ;) My votes: @YoungBonesGaming @HariusAwesome @lasersandeverything @Waistel @PhantomPhoenix
  14. AHeapOfGames

    Channel of the Month #17 (January 2016) - Voting/Entries

    I won't be entering for next month if that's ok! My votes: @Sentenza Gaming @Ste-Zus @Waistel @PhantomPhoenix @Harius Awesome Good luck all!
  15. AHeapOfGames

    Daily Upload for Monday 14th December 2015

    The Prime Minister really does love a good, innocent game of Cards Against Humanity. Oh how he sighs blissfully as he plays with himself under the cover of a great oak tree. What a lovely time... And then the foreigners arrived. The PM spat out his chicken pie as a Brit, a Canadian and an...
  16. AHeapOfGames

    Channel of the Month #16 (December 2015) - Voting/Entries

    Difficult as always! My channel: My votes: @Ste-Zus @Harius Awesome @PhantomPhoenix @Waistel @OKMultiplay
  17. AHeapOfGames

    Daily Upload for Saturday 21st November 2015

    It's the grand return of Octodad, just as the Prime Minister promised! It's been a while since we last joined our suitably aggressive, utterly clueless mollusc friend in his crazy adventure through the colourful fictional world! Today, Octodad visits the aquarium, a place of wonder, joy and a...
  18. AHeapOfGames

    InflexGamer - Introduction

    Hi Inflex! =D Welcome to our lovely forums. Of course you should join! We're all very nice over here (except me.) Going to take a quick look at your channel and see what I think... 1) Nice channel art. Simple and standout! 2) Intro is pretty good. Vague but not too long 3) Thumbnails are quite...