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  1. AHeapOfGames

    A Heap Of Games... Returns!

    Hello all! I used to be active on this forum a few years ago, and remembered it fondly. My channel is still going, but after a couple breaks it's been real slow. Getting back into it now though! I'm here to help. I've got a lot of experience. I'm also up for some PC collabing! Adam
  2. AHeapOfGames

    A Heap Of Games

    Well, boody hello to all you chaps! This is my latest abomination...
  3. AHeapOfGames

    A Heap Of QnA Questions!

    The Prime Minister will be celebrating 300 subscribers soon! This depends on whether the nation's YouTube channel actually gets there, of course, but, currently at 290, it hopefully won't be long! So this is where you can post your QnA questions for that video! Ask me whatever you like! In...
  4. AHeapOfGames

    Premium Pineview Drive #4 | Scarier than Losing a Crumpet!

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted a video on this site, but since my growth has rather naughtily stalled, I feel that I need to try reaching new people! Now, I'm not one to blow my own trumpet, but I recently put this video up for critique on Reddit (a battleground from which I've...
  5. AHeapOfGames

    SimProphet | The God of All Things Banterous!

    The Prime Minister has been studying other cultures in order to better A Heap Of Land. Every culture seems to have music, art, sports.... and religion! He is intrigued by the idea of a state religion in order to keep the filthy commoners in line. He thinks about Christianity, Islam, Sikhism...
  6. AHeapOfGames

    Handy YouTube Tips!

    Hello again! I've just started a regular blog on called Handy YouTube Tips! This is where I'll be giving you my thoughts and ideas on how to start a new YouTube gaming channel, mostly geared to those under 100 subscribers. Also, if you have any tips to share, feel free to...
  7. AHeapOfGames

    Advertising vs. Audience Retention

    Hi everybody! I've recently done a small unofficial experiment... Advertising and audience retention are both important things for pretty much the same reason. Advertising brings people who haven't seen your videos to your channel, and a higher audience retention means that YouTube pushes your...
  8. AHeapOfGames

    Robot Arena 2 - Hell is Unleashed!

    Here it is. The championship is coming to an end here. Six competitions left, four robots. After a poor start in the first three competitions, the team has to step up a gear if they have any chance of winning the golden sawblade. The Prime Minister has decided to go for an all-out attack...
  9. AHeapOfGames

    Stanley Parable: The Yellow Brick Road

    Once again, we delve into the disgustingly-difficult-to-decipher Stanley Parable, and again I find myself utterly conflubbered! Bamblimbled! Smipdimwimlimmed! Confused, basically! Today we get lost, find ourselves where we shouldn't be, follow yellow lines of evil and get bombarded with word...
  10. AHeapOfGames

    Robot Arena #4: How NOT to Build a Robot!

    https://youtube/J56EfEQ01xw We are back with some more Robot Arena 2, the best bot battling game before a better one beats it! Today, we take out newest robot - I Don't Know What To Call It - into the arena once again to see if it can any impact whatsoever in any conceivable way! It's success...
  11. AHeapOfGames

    The Snake Challenge #2

    The nation is on high alert. The zoo's deadly King snake, Sir Loin of Oreo, tricked the security and escaped. As he runs riot through the streets of Heap City, the Prime Minister formulates a plan to further increase the YouTube channel's viewership. He invites Sir Loin around for tea, biscuits...
  12. AHeapOfGames

    theHunter #3 - Revenge of the Maple King!

    Billy-Bob Bill and his expert team are still on the hunt for their beloved Shelly, Billy-Bob Bill's own superb shack. Now, the stakes are even higher, as his sister Billy-Bob Sue was kidnapped by the evil Korean maples in the last episode. The expert team must spring into action to save their...
  13. AHeapOfGames

    A Heap Of News - Shoutouts #3

    Newell Zanker has been running out of news lately. It seems that not much of interest happens on the quaint little island A Heap Of Land. Therefore, in order to fill his news segments, he has begun to provide an advertising platform for the other shows running on Heap TV (The nation's only...
  14. AHeapOfGames

    Not for cat people! BAD RATS!

    The rat populace of A Heap Of Land is a violent bunch. They have gathered together in the depths of the Heap City sewers to conspire against the evil cat empire that threatens their livelihoods. They must use all their strength and abilities to destroy the cats in as many ways as possible. As...
  15. AHeapOfGames

    Not your Ordinary Shoutouts...

    Hi everyone! I've come up with an idea that with grow both my channel, and the channels of anyone willing to take part! When I make a Shoutout, I don't like it to be boring or unadventurous. I like to make them different and entertaining. I think it's quite telling that these are now among my...
  16. AHeapOfGames

    Robot Arena #3 - Too Much Power!!!

    The long awaited arrival of the new robot is finally upon us! The Penetrator has taken a brief holiday to recuperate and makes way for Crikey O'Blimey, the most feared robot in the whole of the Prime Minister's attic. It has a rotating set of three weapons, destined to mutilate, butcherate and...
  17. AHeapOfGames

    Surgeon Simulator #4 - Funding Cuts!

    Hi everyone! Please take a look at my new video!
  18. AHeapOfGames

    Animorphs (GBC) Let's Play!

    Anybody remember Animorphs? Anybody remember how rubbish the games were?
  19. AHeapOfGames

    My New Channel Trailer

    Please check out my channel trailer. If it interests you, don't be afraid to check out my other stuff!