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  1. Spunkly

    What's New in 2017

    I have some big changes coming in 2017. This video touches on the biggest change I'll be making. I hope you enjoy it!
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    You Feeling Brave?

  3. Spunkly

    Available for voice acting

    I would love to get into voice acting. Preferably, I'd like to voice act in some animations. If you have a part you'd like me to try out, send me some lines and some background to the character. I'll send you an audio track and we'll go from there.
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    I decided to answer some stupid gaming questions from Yahoo! Answers. Don't take anything I say too seriously. This is all sarcasm. Lol.
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    BOOPITY BOP | Dead By Daylight | Funny Moments

    Zip zop boopity bop on over here!
  6. Spunkly

    ALLIGATOR! | Garry's Mod: Horror Map | Funny Moments

    This horror map is the worst map ever made. Lol.
  7. Spunkly

    PEN SALESMAN | Dead By Daylight | Funny Moments

    Who wants to buy a pen? Come see us at the Yelp booth!
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    SEX DUNGEON | Dead By Daylight | Funny Moments

    Day 1 of 7 for my 7 days of Halloween! Today's video, the sex dungeon. Spooky...
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    SO CLOSE | Battleblock Theater | Fail Moments

    We usually cut it close in Battleblock Theater, but never THIS close.
  10. Spunkly

    RAUNCHY ROACH | Cockroach Simulator | Funny Moments

    I try to learn to be a cockroach. Turns out, it's harder than it looks.
  11. Spunkly

    CREEPY UNCLE | Battleblock Theater | Fail Moments

    I think we all have that one uncle that's just a little too creepy.
  12. Spunkly

    A Little Update!

    This is just a little update on what's happening on my end!
  13. Spunkly

    YA NASTY TURTLES | Brainbread 2 | Funny Moments

    These turtles are out of control.
  14. Spunkly

    Looking for new youtube/twitter icon

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for someone to make an icon or profile pic (whatever you want to call it) for my channel. I really like Pyrocynical's logo. I'd like something like that, except with a cat and more of a 30's style cartoon look. Also, I want the cat to have gauges in its ears because I...
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    FULL SPED | Golf With Your Friends | Funny Moments

    We laugh at stupid things. Also, we're bad at this game.
  16. Spunkly

    New Internet/videos coming soon

  17. Spunkly

    SCATTERING CANS | Garry's Mod: Prop Hunt | Funny Moments

    We had a ton of fun on this server. We decided to play on a public server and it did not disappoint.
  18. Spunkly

    looking for an animated intro

    I'm looking for someone who can make animations like the old disney and Felix the cat cartoons. The intro would be about 3-5 seconds long. I'd love to get an outro clip as well. I'm willing to pay, but I'd need to see a sample product first so I know what I'm paying for. If you're interested...
  19. Spunkly

    #GORAWDAWG | Golf With Your Friends | Funny Moments

    I always love playing this game. We always get good laughs out of it.