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    PrimalWolfx Come on by and follow

    Be sure to hit that :h: button on my would really appreciate the follow
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    Designing a New Logo For My channel

    So i really excited to create a new logo for my channel and really create clothing designs for my subscribers or anybody who would wanna rep PrimalWolf my channel so look forward to some new design on my channel and just awesome stuff happening there. Come check out my Journey Youtube...
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    Channel Name: PrimalWolf Channel Link: Channel Start Date: Dec.2014 Partnered with Network?: MGN Amount of Videos on Channel: 103 Total Subscribers: 42 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 1.608 Channel Description: Aye Whats up thanks for checking my out...
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    Aye Whats Up This PrimalWolf

    Aye Whats up thanks for checking my out im a full time student and i love to play games so i decided to start Youtube and its been fun ever since then i've met all kinds of people and i'm continuing to grow and stil met people so come be apart of the Primal Squad or Wolf Squad im still figuing...
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    Looking for people who would want to create a crew for youtube and Twitch

    As i said in the title im looking for a good group of people who would want to create a crew on Youtube and twitch so we can help each other and grow together playing games on Xbox One, PS4 , and PC games. Then one day livestream on Twitch together so if your interested you can email me of go on...
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    How do you add the signature where it shows you your youtube name with how many subscribers you have and the subscribe button in the signature
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    Hello this is PrimalWolf here and i wanted to give yall a understanding of who i am. Well i am a full time student and i live in the great state of Texas i never knew about uploading games onto youtube until about a year ago the only time i went on youtube was to listen to music videos. i've...
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    Looking for collaborators or just cool people to play games with

    Looking for collaborators or any cool people who wants to play games with so check out my channel and if you want to see more like and subscribe