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  1. TommyTLG

    New Awesome Channel Trailer!

    Here's our new awesome channel trailer!
  2. TommyTLG

    Best of Yoshi's Woolly World

    A montage of some of the funny moments from the first half of the game! Beware: a lot of screaming and nonsense!
  3. TommyTLG

    My Pikmin Banner

    I made a new banner for my upcoming Pikmin 3 let's play :P
  4. TommyTLG

    Splatoon Banner

    I made a banner ready for Splatoon :D
  5. TommyTLG

    Kirby And The Rainbow Paintbrush Shenanigans

    We head into the world of Kirb- I mean Qazplm's anus.
  6. TommyTLG

    Tommy Tendo

    Hello everyone! Figured I'd make a thread for my channel :P Channel Name: Tommy Tendo Channel Link: Channel Start Date: 8th April 2015 (Technically made the channel 12th April 2014, but I started over again now in April after not uploading for a very long...
  7. TommyTLG

    New banner :O

    I made a new banner to fit with my Tomodachi Life videos :P
  8. TommyTLG

    Which YouTube series are you watching at the moment?

    So which YouTube series are you following at the moment? (If you are following any, that is) I'm following MasaeAnela's Ocarina of Time 3D Master Quest let's play and TheRunawayguys' Super Mario 3D World series at the moment.
  9. TommyTLG

    My new banner! :O

    I made a banner for one of my channels. It's very blueee. :P
  10. TommyTLG

    Which 3DS Games do you own?

    Post your list down below! Here's mine. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Super Mario 3D Land New Super Mario Bros. 2 Mario Kart 7 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Mario Party: Island Tour Mario Golf World Tour...
  11. TommyTLG

    Which Wii U games do you own?

    Post your list down below. Here's which titles I own. Retail/Digital Nintendo Land New Super Mario Bros. U New Super Luigi U Super Mario 3D World Mario Party 10 Mario Kart 8 Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Sonic Lost World Sonic Boom Sonic &...
  12. TommyTLG

    Chariot - Dragging our dead king about

    We played this indie game called Chariot a while back. We planned to make a full series, but ended up with just one episode instead. :P It's a cool concept, but I find the levels a bit too long, and it is sort of a lot of the same things re-occuring. (At least from the first three levels we...
  13. TommyTLG

    New banner :D

    Made a new banner for Mario Party 10 that releases on friday :)
  14. TommyTLG

    Funny Pictures Thread

    Post your funny pictures here! :D
  15. TommyTLG

    Recently Purchased Thread

    Post anything you have bought recently here! :D I pre-ordered some amiibos, and I got myself Sonic Boom despite the bad reviews because I found it cheap somewhere.
  16. TommyTLG

    Google AdWords overplayed my ad...

    Wow... So Google AdWords overplayed my video way too much. I set a daily budget of $8, and in one day they have somehow played my ad so much that it costed me $200... -.- How do they even overplay it by that much? oO
  17. TommyTLG

    Guilty Pleasure Games?

    Does anyone of you have any guilty pleasure games? My guilty pleasure game is Sonic 06. LOL
  18. TommyTLG

    We Are TinyLunchboxGamers!

    Channel Name: TinyLunchboxGamers Channel Link: Channel Start Date: 12th October 2012 Partnered with Network?: Yes | No Amount of Videos on Channel: 397 Total Subscribers: 656 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 120.890 Channel Description: Inside...
  19. TommyTLG

    What are your plans for the weekend?

    What are your plans for the weekend? :D I'm probably gonna record some more Zelda: Four Swords Adventures with my friend, and also just play Tales of Xillia 2 casually for like 10+ hours lol I have no idea what we are gonna eat :O Must be something cheap, since I've spent so much money in...
  20. TommyTLG

    Change out a word in a video game with Potato

    Just take any word you want in a video game title, and replace it with potato. Example: World of Warcraft = World of Potato Sooo, let's get cooking! (no pun intended) I'll start. Potato Dreamhouse Party (Barbie Dreamhouse Party)