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  1. PlayForDays

    Just starting with my gaming channel...

    Yeah, its getting started with a good positive start
  2. PlayForDays

    PC GAMERS!!! I'm looking for a new squad/crew for YouTube and general fun!

    I am here! Message me on YouTube at kasaplay
  3. PlayForDays

    Ps3 gamers

    If you have ps3, add me on psn:KassamGamer - we can do walkthroughs, game plays and also funny moments and montages.. If interested subscribe on YouTube..
  4. PlayForDays

    Looking for people who would want to create a crew for youtube and Twitch

    Yes , we've got a group called play for days, you can message. Me for more info
  5. PlayForDays

    Looking for people to join in on one YouTube account?

    Yeah that is true, none off my friends do YouTube, so its kinda hard finding people
  6. PlayForDays

    Looking for people to join in on one YouTube account?

    Currently I own 2 YouTube accounts -Kasaplay (mine) 130 subs -Playfordays 160 play for days was an old project I had that me and 3 other gamers all worked on and produced videos, I'm looking for more people to help with this YouTube channel! And get it up and running again. All profits on the...
  7. PlayForDays

    Anyone got ps3?

    I'm kasaplay! I want to record GTA v funny moments and black ops 2 funny moments. So if you've got those games on ps3, message me bruhhhh! Also check out my channel: so you know what type of funny gaming I mean,. Between vanossgaming and I'm suda type of funny
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    Ps3 buddies

  9. PlayForDays

    17+ collaborations

    Age: 17 Skype:Kassam-bustan Channel2:www.YouTube. com/pfdgaming Name:Kasaplay
  10. PlayForDays

    PC Collaboration

    Im down too , Skype is kassam-bustan.. YouTube is kasaplay
  11. PlayForDays

    Looking to start a crew like KYR Speedy's And Vanoss's

    I've started one called play for days we would love to collab with you
  12. PlayForDays

    Looking for PC Gamers to record with and grow channels

    So! Me and my friend have started two separate channels! We need people to record and game with for ps3 and also computer games: like Minecraft ,ghost recon and also cs:go! We also need people for funny GTA v moments and funny skits that we are going to make , here's a link to my channel...
  13. PlayForDays

    Ps3 buddies

    Blacks ops 2 and GTA v
  14. PlayForDays

    ChumDaGamer A legend that begins NOW!

    Can you guys check this ou
  15. PlayForDays

    Hey guys, its Iringahn.

  16. PlayForDays

    Logo needed

    Hey! I'm kasaplay , I need a logo for my channel as my branding.. Message me if your interested in making me a logo
  17. PlayForDays

    Ps3 buddies

    Hey! I need some ps3 people to play with preferably 16+ .. Message me if you're interested in collabing
  18. PlayForDays

    Best editing software

    What is the best editing software to run on a low end running computer?
  19. PlayForDays

    Check it out
  20. PlayForDays

    Looking to start a crew like KYR Speedy's And Vanoss's

    Add me on Skype: kassambustan