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    Useful Strategies to Fight Against 07 Runescape Tempoross Fishing Boss & More

    A new Fishing boss called Tempoross is released this month. Here are some useful tips when fighting against Tempoross OSRS. Requirements of OSRS Tempoross Tempoross the new Fishing boss requires Level 35+ Fishing (only for members). It can be accessed via the port at the Ruins of Unkah safe...
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    Guide: Runescape 2007 8th Birthday Event Fast Walkthrough & Rewards

    It's time to celebrate the game's 8th birthday! Participate in OSRS 8th birthday event to gain the new banana cape and more birthday rewards. OSRS 8th birthday event walkthrough 1. To start OSRS birthday event 2021, head to the 1st floor of the Lumbridge Castle and speak to Duke Horacio. 2...
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    Week 3 of RS3 20th Anniversary: Free Clue Scroll & More Obtainable

    Here comes the Week 3 of RS 20th Anniversary, Celebration of Minigames! During this week, you could enjoy double minigame currency, free RS Clue Scroll and more. Celebration of Minigames with 2x rewards The Week 3 of RS 20th Anniversary “Celebration of Minigames” is active from January 18th to...
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    Guide for OSRS Soul Wars: Requirements, Gameplay Tips & More

    The team minigame Soul Wars OSRS has been released in game with the first update of 2021. Here is a Soul Wars guide with requirements, basic gameplay, rewards and more. How to access the Soul Wars OSRS? OSRS Soul Wars is a members-only minigame released on January 6th 2021. To play Soul Wars...