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  1. PassOff

    Just 2 Dudes - MGS V Part 07

    The next installment in this thrilling series. Hopefully Kaz gets saved
  2. PassOff

    PassOff: Mega Man Episode 08

  3. PassOff

    Mega Man Episode 07

  4. PassOff

    PassOff - Mega Man Part 06

    Things are moving along nicely
  5. PassOff

    PassOff - Meg Man Part 05

  6. PassOff

    Just 2 Dudes Play MGS V: The Phantom Pain

    Just 2 Dudes is a subset of PassOff where, you guess it, there's just two of us. So enjoy our first episode of Andrew and Tyler playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. And please give us some feedback on what you think.
  7. PassOff

    PassOff Plays Legend of Korra

    Watch us cry ourselves to sleep at night.
  8. PassOff

    PassOff Plays The Legend of Korra

    Watch us go through probably the worst idea we could have even thought up.
  9. PassOff

    PassOff Plays Shovel Knight

    Watch our thrilling adventure through Drag...I mean Shovel Knight
  10. PassOff

    PassOff - Mega Man

    The First Episode in the Mega Man series
  11. PassOff

    PassOff - New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    The start of something potentially amazing. Check out the First episode of PassOff
  12. PassOff

    PassOff Gaming Prepares for Battle

    We are PassOff. A New Channel (like extremely new) that focuses solely on single player games. When one of us dies in the game we pass the controller to the next in the rotation. The three of us are Atlanta art students who conceived the idea for this channel while playing Shovel Knight (granted...