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  1. Foorson

    Processing time

    Ok so anybody knows why youtube is processing 2k so long? It's been 24 hours already and my video is still not at 1440p lol
  2. Foorson

    Weird thing

    So basically weird thing is happening. Im looking through socialblade on my stats and everyday i see a 10 subscriber gain. Anybody knows why it can be a steady number everyday?
  3. Foorson

    Question about new channel

    Hey guys its been a long time since i uplaoded here I have a question - I barerly have no views nowadays because i didnt uplaoded much on my yt gaming channel so my question is this - is this a good idea to start a brand new gaming channel and reupload my videos to the new channel or continue...
  4. Foorson

    are early access games worth it or should I wait for full release?

    are early access games worth it or should I wait for full release? Cuz I never know what's the difference or is there a huge difference
  5. Foorson

    BIGGEST VR JUMPSCARE | Demonic Guest

    ok sooo I got my htc vive some days ago and I LOVE IT lol
  6. Foorson

    The Evil Within 2 (Part 8) | THROUGH THE ''MARROW''!

    Shit's going down in the ,,Marrow'' at least we have a cool gas mask!
  7. Foorson

    My Random Reaction Compilation

    This is basically my channel trailer I did over a year ago *WARNING* it's really stupid
  8. Foorson


    so basically we collabed with GINGIC and it went wrong...we lost some footage...there was many errors and HERE'S teh final product GOD...
  9. Foorson

    The Evil Within 2 Part 7 | FOLLOWING LILY...

    ESKERIIT another part of The Evil Within 2 My pants jumped outta window from SCARES
  10. Foorson

    A quick question

    Hey so I recently hit 1 k subs (now 1020) and im getting from 60-150 views everyday is that good for that ammount of subscribers or not? Thanks
  11. Foorson

    The Evil Within 2 Part 6 | CAN'T HIDE FROM IT...IT'S COMING...

    It's coming...
  12. Foorson

    1k we made it ; D

    Finally a big ONE THOUSAND : )
  13. Foorson

    Popular channels losing they popularity?

    Hey so couple days ago I did a little research and I saw many popualr channels with 500 k , 300 k etc etc losing they popularity, views, subs etc etc raedwulfgamer for example anybody knows why this is hapenning? Because I think those guys are really good youtubers
  14. Foorson

    900 esketit

    Moving forward : )
  15. Foorson

    a Question about upload schedule

    So basically I have my channel for over 2 years im almost at 900 subs i upload 1 video everyday but im getting like 30-100 average views per video what can be the problem? do i upload to often or something? I never did sub4sub or that kind of stuff
  16. Foorson

    Outlast 2 ending

    I haven't posted here in a while soooo...
  17. Foorson


    Im back with another HORRORRRR GAAAMEEEEEEE!!! ps. I kinda look like pewds on that thumbnail #skrrt
  18. Foorson

    Community guildline strike

    So basically i got 2 strikes and i can't upload anything until november does it have sense to continue with my channel or should i start new one and build from there? i have 815 subscribers on my channel now
  19. Foorson

    Im back after a while

    im back afte ra while another part of Outlast 2 SKRRRT
  20. Foorson

    My first song/track ,,INVADERs''

    Ok so basically im a music producer and I just recorded my first track,song ever (mostly i make beats) soo yeah