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  1. KotaChurch

    Mario Party 5 thumbnail

    I agree, thanks for the feedback!
  2. KotaChurch

    Critique our new channel art?

    What's up guys I just got done working on our channels' (Nitrous Oxide) new banner and I think it looks pretty great, It includes everyone in the videos and also our pets. Let me know if you see anything that I could improve on or anything that you like...
  3. KotaChurch

    Thoughts on Gang Beasts thumbnail?

    I agree with that but whenever I tried it the logo covered a lot of the artwork so I decided against it.
  4. KotaChurch

    Thoughts on Gang Beasts thumbnail?

    Hey guys, I just got finished making this last night and I was wondering if anyone thinks it's as cool as I do.
  5. KotaChurch


    lol the title was just a joke..
  6. KotaChurch

    Nitrous Oxide

    Thanks! We actually just released a new video.
  7. KotaChurch

    Nitrous Oxide

    For a channel that is just starting out, I think that we're doing a good job.
  8. KotaChurch


    I agree! If you don't mind, try to check out my channel too, I think we're pretty good for a channel that is just starting out.
  9. KotaChurch

    KotaChurch and Nitrous Oxide

    Thanks for the tip! I put the link in my signature.
  10. KotaChurch

    BinateGaming (New gaming channel)
  11. KotaChurch

    Nitrous Oxide

    Channel Name: Nitrous Oxide ChannelLink: Channel Start Date: June 17, 2016 Partnered with Network?: No Amount of Videos on Channel: 6 Total Subscribers: 9 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 149 Channel Description: Just a group of guys who...
  12. KotaChurch

    Mario Party 5 thumbnail

    Figured I would show this off and see if anyone likes it. Video coming soon to the Nitrous Oxide channel.
  13. KotaChurch

    Prop Hunt - Bane of all plants

  14. KotaChurch

    3D Ultra Mini Golf Adventures - TAP TAP TAP

    Just tap it in.
  15. KotaChurch

    Spelunky - SPIN THE WHEEL!

    Fuck Round Boy.
  16. KotaChurch

    Nitrous Oxide sucks at Overwatch?!

    We don't suck! They used hax.
  17. KotaChurch

    New Branding on my channel!

    I like it all!
  18. KotaChurch

    My twitch panel buttons

    these are helpful!
  19. KotaChurch

    Anyone help with redesigning my logo?

    I think you should update them, maybe use a different program to make them like gimp?