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  1. Avia

    Tresure Hunting Uncharted Style!

    Hope people like this
  2. Avia

    Bringing it back

    Years ago I did a show on YouTube called PurpleElectricity and stopped 10 years ago. With that said I have brought it back but this time as a gaming channel. I am posting Let's Plays to it since I've always wanted to do them. Besides that I'm into anime and music and hope to meet new people here...
  3. Avia

    The Sonic Mania

    Hey everyone hope you enjoy me plying Sonic Mania. The game is so fun and pretty.
  4. Avia

    I'm Back!

    I made this account but never did much with it. I have always wanted to do Let's Plays after being inspired by NintendoLP years back. I'll do my best do do it and have fun along the way. Besides gaming I'm into anime,music,voice acting and adrawing.
  5. Avia

    School makes kids evilllll!!!!

    Don't go to school kids. You may get forced to be an evil minion!!! That is what may or may not happen in today's new Megaman episode. :)
  6. Avia

    Helping a friend in Battle Network

    Time to really get into the game now that the forced tutorial is taken care of.
  7. Avia

    Coming back and coming back hard!

    Hey everyone I am back doing Let's Plays I have goals this time and hope to really get my channel going well by spring. Would love to meet new people doing this and have good fun. I am going to being doing older games and I hope people find that interesting over just doing Minecraft,GTA and CoD...
  8. Avia

    Megaman Battle Network Adventure!

    Time to Jack In and have some fun saving the day as Lan Hikari in Megaman Battle Network Megaman Battle Network 2001 Gameboy Advance Capcom
  9. Avia

    Final Fantasy Type 0 Fun

    Time to start a Type 0 LP which will be fun
  10. Avia

    Let's gather clues

    Time to get some info on the beast we need to take down.
  11. Avia

    Is it ok for people to Let's Play SD era games when still new?

    So I do want to LP some old games that were on the SD era of gaming. Would people care about them since I am new or should I stick to HD era only?
  12. Avia

    Living Out Your Final Fantasy

    Hey guys this game is pretty much hyped to be the game of the decade. While it is not out till next year how about a Let's Play of the prologue? Should be fun. Hope you enjoy >:) Episode 1
  13. Avia

    I am back to uploading

    Took some time off due to reasons but I am back now and am aiming for daily uploads. The plan is to upload one LP episode and one DBZ fight episode every day. Things may get in my way but hope to build my channel up. :)
  14. Avia

    Blue Raspberry Haired Goku Kicks Mustard Freiza's Butt

    And now I am hungry. Back to uploading new videos on my new channel. I hope people like DBZ since I plan to upload daily battles. :)
  15. Avia

    Let's Play Lost Dimension

    A JRPG where the traitor changes every time you play? Sounds fun :) Trust Nobody! Not even your mom's dentist!
  16. Avia

    Life Is Strange Episode 1

    Had no idea I would love this game as much as I do :)
  17. Avia

    Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae

    Hey guys watch me as I play some Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae. It is a pretty demo and I hope you will all enjoy it :)
  18. Avia

    Time to Kill in Assassin's Creed Unity!

    So a new AC game was shown today but let us focus on Unity for now. I do hope people enjoy this run and I promise to keep the fails to a minimum. :)
  19. Avia

    Watch Dogs (PS4)

    Began playing Watch Dogs on my Twitch stream and decided to upload them to Youtube so more can enjoy my adventure. I should point out I am doing some side quests too so expect stuff beyond the main story :)
  20. Avia

    Twitch Watch Dogs Stream

    Hey streaming Watch Dogs :)