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  1. Avia

    Tresure Hunting Uncharted Style!

    Hope people like this
  2. Avia

    Bringing it back

    Years ago I did a show on YouTube called PurpleElectricity and stopped 10 years ago. With that said I have brought it back but this time as a gaming channel. I am posting Let's Plays to it since I've always wanted to do them. Besides that I'm into anime and music and hope to meet new people here...
  3. Avia

    I am here

    I am here
  4. Avia

    Hello hi! I'm new here :3

    Welcome and cute panda btw
  5. Avia

    I'M TOO GOOD !!! | Uncharted 4 A Thief's End PS4 Playthrough #8

    Glad to see someone doing this gem of a game :)
  6. Avia

    Hello everyone!!! i am a new youtube gamer

    Hello and welcome. Cute username btw :)
  7. Avia

    The Sonic Mania

    Hey everyone hope you enjoy me plying Sonic Mania. The game is so fun and pretty.
  8. Avia

    I'm Back!

    I made this account but never did much with it. I have always wanted to do Let's Plays after being inspired by NintendoLP years back. I'll do my best do do it and have fun along the way. Besides gaming I'm into anime,music,voice acting and adrawing.
  9. Avia

    Well i'm here

    Well i'm here
  10. Avia

    School makes kids evilllll!!!!

    Don't go to school kids. You may get forced to be an evil minion!!! That is what may or may not happen in today's new Megaman episode. :)
  11. Avia

    Who doesn't like Final Fantasy?!

    Crazy people that is who. So excited for the new one and the spinoff stuff like World of FF and Explores.
  12. Avia

    Helping a friend in Battle Network

    Time to really get into the game now that the forced tutorial is taken care of.
  13. Avia

    DarkWing Duck NES Part 6!!!

    Loved this show back in the day
  14. Avia

    What are your YouTube goals for 2016?

    1000 subs and a partnership
  15. Avia

    Anyone else love the Mario & Luigi/Paper Mario series?

    I want to try the new one on 3DS
  16. Avia

    Video's on old games

    I would rather watch older games than new stuff myself. There is only so much GTA and CoD I can take XD
  17. Avia

    Thanks Nintendo!

    Sometimes it is just dudebros hating on games. I have seen people hate on very fun good games like Smash 4 or MK8 just due to not having blood. Unless you meant full on legit review people.
  18. Avia

    What is your opinion on commentaries?

    I would find it boring if it had nothing myself.
  19. Avia

    Coming back and coming back hard!

    Hey everyone I am back doing Let's Plays I have goals this time and hope to really get my channel going well by spring. Would love to meet new people doing this and have good fun. I am going to being doing older games and I hope people find that interesting over just doing Minecraft,GTA and CoD...
  20. Avia

    Megaman Battle Network Adventure!

    Time to Jack In and have some fun saving the day as Lan Hikari in Megaman Battle Network Megaman Battle Network 2001 Gameboy Advance Capcom